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Your Choice

We have our routines. The alarm goes off, we get up. We shower. We make coffee. We get the kids ready and out the door to school. We got to work. We make dinner. We go to bed. We get up again the next morning to do it all again. You get the picture.

So much of our lives can be spent on autopilot, we don’t think about the choices we make in our daily routine. We reach for the same shampoo, soap and deodorant day in and day out without thought of what we put on our bodies.

Most of these products are full of toxic chemicals that enter our bloodstream in about 26 seconds. We are exposing our bodies each and everyday, routinely, to chemicals that can be hazardous to our health.

Here at EKC, we are asking you to make one small change to your routine. Use a deodorant that isn’t full of toxic chemicals. We just happen to make a deodorant with no toxic chemicals, that actually works! Win- win. By using EKC you get to stop exposing your body to hazardous chemicals, we get to donate a tube for every tube sold! Even bigger win-win!

One small change to your everyday routine can make a HUGE difference in your health and well being! We believe you are worth it! Come join the club #EKCdeodorant

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