You Buy One, We GIVE One

//You Buy One, We GIVE One

You Buy One, We GIVE One

Did you know that Evelyn Kay Club donates one tube of deodorant for every tube purchased? It is our own version of Buy One, Get One Free but better. Better because with every purchase and subscription, you help us contribute to worthy causes that empower women and help women make healthy choices for themselves.

When founder and CEO Jessica Bennningfield was inspired to create Evelyn Kay Club, she was also inspired and called to contribute to charities that embody the spirit of the product and company. From day one, her goal has been to get women and girls asking better questions about health, about what we are putting on our bodies and to give as much as she possibly can to empower women, especially young women. Jessica chose two programs to start donating to; both are phenomenal and Evelyn Kay is excited to be sending our tubes of deodorant to these amazing programs.

Girls On The Run became a cause near and dear to her heart after her oldest daughter became involved in the local chapter. This organization is dedicated to teaching girls positive body image, healthy habits and that each one of them is perfect just as she is. The program uses running as a means to inspire girls to achieve goals and know that they can do anything they set their minds to.

The second program Evelyn Kay Club is donating to is Catwalk for a Cause through The Martin Truex Jr. Foundation. The Martin Truex Jr. Foundation is dedicated to raising funds for children’s cancer research at Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC.

By using Evelyn Kay you are not only doing good for yourself, but you are doing good for others. What a great feeling to know that each of us is contributing to the health and well being of all through our purchase of Evelyn Kay Club Deodorant!

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