Is a Healthy Body Worth 2 Lattes?

//Is a Healthy Body Worth 2 Lattes?

Is a Healthy Body Worth 2 Lattes?

I love my morning coffee. I love the simple excitement of waiting in the drive through line to order and receive my special morning treat. Will I get a latte? Will I splurge and get a mocha with lots of whipped cream? Most of the time, I stick with the venti latte and happily go about my day, feeling the purchase was an investment in my happiness for the day.

Rewind to January when Jessica Benningfield asked me to join the Evelyn Kay team and help with the social media for EKC. I knew that commercial deodorants weren’t especially great to use, but I did not know how toxic they actually are. Her passion inspired me and I heartily accepted. I have learned so much about how what we put under our arms affects our health. How it only takes 26 seconds for those toxic chemicals to get in our bloodstream and tissues. How these toxic chemicals are linked to reproductive cancers, hormonal cancers, and diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. How deodorant companies are in charge of their own safety testing and reporting (which seems like a conflict of interest). How young girls at the age of 9 start wearing deodorant and applying these toxic chemicals to the area where lymph nodes are located and developing breast tissue is: the list goes on and on.

But, as a long time buyer of the middle of the road/cheaper deodorants, I wondered to myself, how would the cost of a stick of EKC go over? I wondered if women would pay $10 bucks for a stick of deodorant that has no toxic chemicals, is organic and actually works. Then I thought about my my morning coffee: I think nothing of shelling out almost $5 a morning for my coffee. Multiply that by 5 mornings and I am spending close to $25 a week or $100 per month….on coffee! I don’t have a problem investing in my morning cup of happiness, why should I have a problem investing in my health and well being? All for the equivalent cost of only two of my lattes! Certainly I could brew my own cup of coffee two mornings a month! So, I re-prioritized and decided to place my health above my latte. I spend $10 per month on my subscription for EKC and the peace of mind that what I am putting on my body is good for me is absolutely worth every penny!

How about you? Are you worth the equivalent of two venti lattes? Are the women and girls in your life worth that much? At Evelyn Kay, we believe YOU ARE! We are faced with many choices on how and where to spend our money every day. We open our wallet, take our money out, buy that beauty product, buy they next “big thing” and buy that latte without a thought. We hope you will think you are worth it, too and invest in the health and wellbeing of those you love and of course, yourself!


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