Why Risk Your Health Everyday?

//Why Risk Your Health Everyday?

Why Risk Your Health Everyday?

In case you missed the news, two separate juries in the last few weeks have awarded damages of $55 and $72 million dollars to women who used talcum powder over time and then developed ovarian cancer. That’s over $125 million dollars awarded AND there are still many more pending cases to be decided. You may be asking why is this important to us here at Evelyn Kay? The quick answer: Talc is listed as an ingredient on most commercial deodorants.

Critics and industry representatives will say there is no concrete science to back up this claim and these verdicts. The companies that produce these deodorants containing toxic chemicals such as talc will say they have passed safety tests and regulatory reviews: and they may have BUT the very same companies are responsible for these tests and reporting the results to the FDA. That’s right, the companies are responsible themselves for their own “policing” and reporting. We think this is a HUGE conflict of interest to say the least! The FDA does not conduct its own independent testing. ( see our blog “Banned in Europe but Safe for You???”). These companies do not even have to list all the ingredients and most of the time list talc as an “inactive ingredient”.

Knowing this information; that two separate, independent juries have awarded upwards of $125 million dollars in punitive damages to women with ovarian cancer and the cosmetic companies do their own self regulating and reporting, we ask WHY RISK IT?! Why risk putting toxic chemicals on you body daily, sometimes multiple times? Why risk your health when it takes 26 SECONDS for these toxic chemicals to be soaked into the bloodstream through your skin. We use deodorant every day, sometimes with multiple applications, and apply it to skin that is closest to our lymph system and breast tissue. 26 seconds.

At EKC we want you to not worry about what you are putting on your body. We want you to demand better for yourself and those you love. We want you to be healthy and happy. We want you to not stink as well. Come join the club. No toxic chemicals. No stink. No Kidding.

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