Our Top 4 Ways to Show Yourself a Little Love!

//Our Top 4 Ways to Show Yourself a Little Love!

Our Top 4 Ways to Show Yourself a Little Love!

Love Yourself.  Two words we hear a lot in the health and wellness arena.  Other ways to say it are “Treat Yourself” and “Take Time For You”.  We say embrace all of them.  But how do we embrace these ideas; especially when we are pulled in so many directions between family, children, careers and much more?  We have a few easy ways to show yourself some love!


Drink Water:  One of the best ways to love ourselves and our bodies is to make sure we are hydrated.  Our bodies are almost 70 percent water.  When we are dehydrated, all sorts of icky things happen: headaches, dry skin and constipation are just a few of those.  


Move:  You don’t have to run marathons or deadlift 300lbs to move your body.  Find an activity you enjoy and give your body some exercise.


Eat Well:  None of us are perfect in our food choices,  Balance is key and so is limiting our intake of sugar, processed foods and foods that have a lot of chemicals in them or foods that have been exposed to lots of chemicals.  


Choose Natural Beauty Products:  What we put on our skin only takes 26 seconds to absorb into our bloodstream.  Substances such as aluminum can also cross the blood-brain barrier and to our brain and accumulate there (think Alzheimer’s).   Evelyn Kay deodorant can help you here: there are no toxic or unnatural substances in our deodorant.


Love Yourself.  Hydrate, move, eat AND join the club!


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