Stay Connected and Spread The Word!

//Stay Connected and Spread The Word!

Stay Connected and Spread The Word!

Staying connected and keeping up to date with all things Evelyn Kay Club is really simple!  We can be found on social media and of course there is our website: all have great information and are easily shared with friends and family.  


You can connect with us via:




Instagram: evelynkayclub


Twitter: @evelynkayclub


Pinterest: evelynkayclub


And of course our website:


Here at Evelyn Kay Club, we want to educate and empower you and those you love to make healthy choices about what you put on your body.  Our website and social media platforms help us get that information to you quickly and easily.  


So like us, share us, tweet us, instagram us and check out our website!  Come join the club!!


PS….now through December 20th, we are offering free gift wrapping on our 3 packs!


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