She-roes, Spin Alongs and Stopping Cancer

//She-roes, Spin Alongs and Stopping Cancer

She-roes, Spin Alongs and Stopping Cancer

This past weekend, Evelyn Kay Club had the absolute honor of participating in and supporting the first annual Sherry Strong Spin-Along. Sherry is one of our She-roes! She has overcome ovarian cancer and become an ambassador for ovarian cancer awareness. Through her website, and her work with The Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, Sherry dedicates her time and immense talent to educating and empowering women (men, too) to stop cancer in its tracks.

She has been a major source of inspiration for us on stopping cancer in its tracks! Whether she is working towards raising $100,000 this year to help women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, lobbying in Washington D.C. for awareness of ovarian cancer or working with her local hospital in Charlotte, N.C. to launch an integrative care program, she shows us that one voice can make a difference.

Evelyn Kay Club wants you to be inspired to make a difference in your life and the community around you. You can be a part of stopping cancer in its tracks as well! Here are some quick and simple ways to make a difference:

  1. Volunteer. Find an organization, center or group that you can give a few hours of your time to. There are many local cancer charities and non-profits that need help with fundraising, community outreach and volunteers at events.
  2. Donate. If you don’t have time to donate, make a donation in support of an organzation or group that is fighting cancer. You can donate locally, nationally or globally….or all the above!
  3. Make healthy decisions for yourself and your family. Eat organic, non GMO food. Exercise. Use health and beauty products that are natural, organic and free from toxic chemicals.

There are hundreds of more ways to make healthy decisions, support organzations that are making a difference in the fight against cancer and to stop cancer in its tracks.

We are so proud of Sherry and the many people like her and to be able to support them!

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