Sharing Is Caring

//Sharing Is Caring

Sharing Is Caring

Last week’s blog talked about how when we know better, we do better. Often, after we know better, the question of HOW we actually do that arises. How do we begin to make better choices and how do we share that with others. We wanted to share with you easy ways to get Evelyn Kay and to share it with others.

Our website is a great place to start. You can order directly from our website. You have many options such as a monthly subscription or buying a three pack of Evelyn Kay Deodorant.

You also have the option to share and gift Evelyn Kay to others. This is through our gifting option where one tube is sent to the recipient of your choice and a second tube is sent along so she can share as well! All sorts of sharing and caring there!

Our website also features a blog where lots of information is shared. Topics like why sweating is good for you, what toxic chemicals are in commercial deodorants, inspirational blogs and lots of other information can be found in this area. The blogs are written so the information is quick and easy and to the point. Links are easy to copy and share so others can get the information as well!

Evelyn Kay is also on social media. We are on facebook at . You can also find us on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest under EvelynKayClub. You can link up to these through our website or find us on the app directly. We share links to our blogs, links to videos, pictures and quotes that inspire us, informative articles and much more, You can like us, follow us and share us through all these means.

Here at Evelyn Kay, we also look forward to hearing from you. We love when you share how Evelyn Kay is working for you. We love when you share information and links with us that you have come across and we love when you share what inspires you or causes and organizations that you support. We look forward to sharing more with each other as time goes on.

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