Pass It On and Pay It Forward

//Pass It On and Pay It Forward

Pass It On and Pay It Forward

June is “Education and Empowerment Month” here at Evelyn Kay Club and we couldn’t be more excited to give you a chance to do both! We are excited to announce our gifting program!!! This program places the power of education in your hands as well as giving you the ability to empower other women in your life to make healthier choices for themselves. How will this work, you ask? Let us tell you…

As you know, we donate a tube for every tube we sell, so in the spirit of giving, our gifting program lets you do the same!

Through the gift option on our site, two tubes will be sent to someone you love! One tube is meant for her to use, and the other is for her to pass on to someone she cares about. We will include a letter explaining that one tube is for her, and the other is to give to someone she loves!

If you have ordered our product, you have at least seen the insert detailing the top 5 toxic chemicals that can be found in commercial deodorant. More than likely, you have also read a blog or two where we have talked about why sweating is good for you, what these toxic chemicals affect in our bodies and lots of other information we have shared here. You may have even shared this website with those you know and love so they could learn. Through our gifting program, you will be giving a tube of deodorant and the information that goes with it, thereby educating the woman it is given to.

You are also giving the gift of empowerment to the recipient. By gifting a stick of deodorant, you are giving a choice to her that she may not have known existed before receiving the deodorant. You are empowering her with a choice; a healthier choice as to what she is putting on her body day after day.

We here at Evelyn Kay are so excited to bring you the ability to share, and educate those you love a little more easily!!!

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