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//Ounces of Prevention

Ounces of Prevention

Most of us have heard the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”. WIth a lot of the media attention, money and fundraising directed at finding cures, the idea of prevention can get lost in the shuffle. We wanted to share some ways and tips on how to be proactive with your health and take steps to prevent disease and ill health.

Being an all natural, non toxic deodorant company, we tend to focus on what we put ON our bodies daily. We have discussed how it only takes 26 seconds for what we put on our bodies to be absorbed into our bloodstream. We have talked about the dangers of aluminum, talc, parabens and other toxic chemicals; and how choosing products that are free from these substances can help prevent early onset of puberty, hormonal cancers and diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. What we have not talk about is what we put IN our bodies.

What we put in our bodies is equally important to maintaining health and wellness as what we put on our bodies. Food can be a powerful tool in our arsenals to fighting and preventing disease. For example, did you know that choosing a piece of fruit in the morning over a processed bagel can boost our lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system is our disease fighting system and when functioning at its highest level, can rid the body of over 10,000 cancer causing cells per day!

Sugar. The American Diet is full of processed sugar. Bacteria, fungus, cancer cells and many other disease causing cells feed off of sugar. On average, Americans consume 100 POUNDS of sugar and artificial sweeteners per year. Is it any wonder Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer are continually threatening our health and well being?! Yes, fruits have sugar in them, but it is natural sugar, not processed. Our bodies can break down and use the naturally occurring sugar in fruit much better than the processed type of sugar. By choosing fresh fruits, vegetables, protein such as chicken or fish and eliminating as much processed sugar as possible, our bodies get the needed nutrients we need to stay healthy and strong.

Water. Staying hydrated is another simple way we can help our bodies stay healthy. Our bodies are 70 percent water and we need to keep that percentage stable. By staying hydrated, we get valuable nutrients to our cells and tissues. Staying hydrated also help flush out toxins in our body which also contributes to preventing disease. We should be drinking at least 8, 8 ounce glasses of water per day.

There are so many ways to prevent disease. We have only touched on a couple in this blog. We hope to share more tips on prevention in future blogs as well, but we think this is a good starting point. So eliminate those ounces of soda, ounces or pounds of sugar and drink lots and lots of ounces of water every day for your ounces of prevention!

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