Infertility, Behavior and Mental Disabilities and Your Deodorant

//Infertility, Behavior and Mental Disabilities and Your Deodorant

Infertility, Behavior and Mental Disabilities and Your Deodorant

Check your label. Go On. Check the label on your deodorant. Do you see either of these ingredients: Mineral Oil, or Petrolatum? If you have a commercial deodorant such as Secret or Dove, you probably see one, if not both of these ingredients.

Why are we terrified of these two? Simple, they are toxic; so toxic that they are even banned in Europe. Why? They are linked to cancers, numerous neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, infertility, miscarriage, and many child behavior disorders like learning disabilities, mental disabilities, and ADD. Remember, it takes only 26 seconds for what we apply to our skin to be absorbed into our bodies and bloodstreams. We cannot say that enough….ONLY 26 SECONDS. And once those chemicals are in our bodies, they cannot be metabolized (broken down). Pretty scary, huh?

Oh yeah- according to the Environmental Working Group “……their presence in products is not restricted by government safety standards — they are not safe at any level.”

Please don’t risk the long term exposure to these chemicals by using commercial deodorant daily. It’s not worth it!

Come Join the EKC Club and don’t worry about what’s in your deodorant!

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