Long Term Effects Of Aluminum Exposure

//Long Term Effects Of Aluminum Exposure

Long Term Effects Of Aluminum Exposure

The effects of long term exposure to aluminum are still being studied. It is a fact that aluminum is a neurotoxin. This means it is poisonous to your nervous system; the nervous system controls every cell, tissue, muscle and organ in your body.

One of aluminums favorite places to accumulate is in the brain. Because it can cross protective barriers in our body, it gets transported to our brain where it settles. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. The rate of Alzheimer’s continues to increase.

Aluminum has also been found in breast cancer tissue. Especially tissue taken from closer to the armpit. This is important because aluminum is not naturally found in the body. We absorb the aluminum. We know that it takes 26 seconds for our bodies to absorb what we put on our skin. The higher concentrations of aluminum in the tissue closer to the armpit causes concern because antiperspirants are applied here and antiperspirants use aluminum as the substance to curb perspiration. Think about that: every time you apply a commercial antiperspirant to your armpit, aluminium is absorbed into your tissues and system. Even crystal salt deodorants that are considered natural contain aluminum salts.

Aluminum is everywhere. Aluminum is found naturally in dirt, water and air. It is also found in items and places you may not think of or that may surprise you. Cookware, foods that are kept in containers that have aluminum (think processed foods and frozen foods), soda cans, tin foil, vaccines, antacids, and your antiperspirant/deodorant. Even that natural salt deodorant can contain aluminum salts. While we can’t completely avoid exposure to aluminum, we can take steps to minimize that exposure we receive. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods packaged in non metal packaging. Use glass cookware instead of aluminum pots and pans. Don’t use antacids and educate yourself about vaccine ingredients. Also, use an all natural deodorant. Evelyn Kay is a great choice as there are no toxic substances, no GMO’s and is all organic.

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