Hazmat Test for Deodorant?!

//Hazmat Test for Deodorant?!

Hazmat Test for Deodorant?!

EKC is in the midst of some awesome changes! These changes will make getting EKC much easier! We are so excited to share these changes with you very soon. As with any big change, there can be hoops to jump through!

We were founded as an all natural, non toxic option for your deodorant. There are NO toxic chemicals and substances to be found in EKC. None. Nada. So imagine our surprise when we were told our deodorant had to undergo Hazmat testing to be sold on the new platform. That’s right HAZMAT TESTING! You can’t make this up!

The reason is that commercial deodorant and antiperspirant are FULL of chemicals and substances that aren’t natural and many of which have been found to be toxic. Parabens, phthalates, PPG, aluminum just to name a few. These chemicals and substances have been linked to cancers, dementia and many other conditions.

Because these substances and chemicals are found in commercial deodorants, EKC has to be tested in the same manner.

Scary to think that something that is applied to our bodies every day has to undergo Hazmat testing.

You won’t find any of those toxic substances and chemicals in EKC.

Of course we passed the test! With flying colors! We can’t wait to share what’s next!

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