Got Empowerment?

//Got Empowerment?

Got Empowerment?

Female Empowerment. It is certainly a “buzz” phrase these days. Women are still seeking equality and empowerment on social and economic levels. It is these areas most people think of when they hear the phrase “female empowerment”. At Evelyn Kay Club, we embrace these ideas of what empowerment means and we have our own focus on empowerment as well. Empowerment at Evelyn Kay means women of all ages, shapes, sizes, color, physical ability, mental ability and any other label/category we get put into, KNOW that they are perfect just as they are!

Founder and CEO Jessica Benningfield not only had the passion and vision to create Evelyn Kay so women have an all natural, safe, and effective choice in their deodorant; she had the passion and vision to encourage and support women to become the best versions of themselves. Her desire is for women to ask better questions about what we put on our bodies and be empowered to make better, healthier choices. When we make better choices for ourselves and those we love, we become the best versions of ourselves.

In a world where girls’ self esteem peaks at age 9 and more than 90 percent of 15-17 year old girls want to change some aspect of their body, Evelyn Kay Club wants to shout “You are perfect the way you are!”. EKC not only has this as its vision but also supports and donates to organizations like Girls On The Run. Girls On The Run’s mission is to “inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident…”. Organizations such as this capture the spirit of female empowerment and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!

When we begin to demand better for ourselves, for our health and wellness, we set the example for the young women out there; the example that you can be healthy, strong, intelligent and free to ask questions…. and that is truly empowering!

Evelyn Kay Club is truly a club for EVERYONE! Come join us!!

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