Top 6 Reasons To Change Your Daughter’s Deodorant NOW!

//Top 6 Reasons To Change Your Daughter’s Deodorant NOW!

Top 6 Reasons To Change Your Daughter’s Deodorant NOW!

Capital One asks people “What’s in your wallet?”. At Evelyn Kay, we ask, “What’s In Your Daughter’s Antiperspirant?”. We ask because it takes 26 seconds for what we apply to our skin to be absorbed into our bloodstream. We ask because half of all nine year olds wear deodorant and antiperspirant every day. We ask because if you don’t know about the toxic substances below, you won’t know that a change needs to be made for the health of our daughters…..and ourselves.

Aluminum: Did you know that the mere presence of this substance make an antiperspirant and OVER THE COUNTER DRUG? A study in 2001 concluded that after aluminum had been absorbed into the bloodstream, it stayed there for up to 15 days. Yet, we re-apply antiperspirants with this substance in it daily and so do our daughters. What can that kind of toxic build up lead to? This active substance has been linked to anemia, softening of the bones, Breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases to name a few.

Parabens: Parabens mimic the hormone estrogen. They have been linked to hormonal cancers such as ovarian, cervical and breast cancers. As our daughters’ bodies change physically and hormonally, do we really want to be risking this kind of interference?

Talc: Talc is a carcinogen. You may have seen and/or read recently about the over $130 million in damages awarded to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The definition of a carcinogen is “a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue”. Do you want this as an ingredient in a product you and your daughter are applying to your underarms daily?

Triclosan: Another carcinogen. It is stored in your fat cells and has been linked to disruption of thyroid function and how estrogen works in your body. Again, we ask, as our daughters’ bodies develop and change, do we want these substances being absorbed into their bodies on a daily basis?!

Propylene Glycol: A toxic chemical to our nervous system and an ingredient in antifreeze. It is also absorbed so quickly into the skin, that the EPA has warned factory workers about coming into contact with it as it can cause liver, kidney and brain abnormalities.

Phthalates: These toxic substances have been linked to male and female reproductive issues as well as liver and kidney problems.

Evelyn Kay has NONE of these substances in it. No toxic chemicals and it is all natural. You do not have to worry about what your daughter is applying to her underarms every day; or yourself for that matter. We have raised questions today. We have shared information. We hope that in doing this, you ask better questions. We hope you begin to demand better for yourselves and your daughters. We hope you continue to educate and empower yourself to make healthy choices.

We hope you join the club!

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