Evelyn Kay Club for Men?? ABSOLUTELY!!

//Evelyn Kay Club for Men?? ABSOLUTELY!!

Evelyn Kay Club for Men?? ABSOLUTELY!!

We have received many questions here at Evelyn Kay Club asking if men can use Evelyn Kay. We answer with a resounding YES!! With 20 percent of our customers being male, as well as half of the population, we would be mistaken not to address these questions. On Monday, we shared an article that discusses how toxic chemicals affect males, too: toxic chemicals and substances such as aluminum, parabens and phthalates. These substances and many more are found in men’s deodorant as well.

Daily use and application of these products that contain these chemicals, disrupt men’s hormones leading to high levels of estrogen, which can lead to:

  1. Enlarged breasts in the male chest.
  2. Emotional changes and depression.
  3. Fatigue
  4. Sexual dysfunctions such as low libido.
  5. Type 2 Diabetes
  6. Prostate Cancer

For us here at EK Club, these are scary conditions to think about for the boys and men in our lives. That is why we certainly recommend use of Evelyn Kay for boys and men as well.

You may be asking, what about the smell? Most men love the tropical smell! Founder Jessica Benningfield states “We are working on a version for men, but until it is released, Evelyn Kay Club is way more effective than other products on the market for men.” In fact, my Dad is one of the 20 percent of men using and loving EKC deodorant. If it works for this man who is a busy chiropractor, loves outdoor work and working on cars, it will work for the men in your life.

The boys and men in our lives deserve a non toxic, all natural, organic deodorant that actually works, too!! Make sure you demand better for yourself and ALL your loved ones!

Come join the club!!!

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