Doing Better Together

//Doing Better Together

Doing Better Together

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou

Here at Evelyn Kay, we love Maya Angelou and we especially love this quote. The amount of information we have access with the push of a button is staggering. We can “google” anything, we can “like” anything, we can find the answer to almost any question almost instantly. Where and how do we start to sort through all that when it comes to health information and the products we use on a daily basis? How do we not get overwhelmed with it all?

Since the launch of Evelyn Kay in February of this past year, we have talked with many women about what is being put under their arms every day. We hear “I didn’t know” or “ Oh my gosh, if I would have known…” or “Why aren’t we told this?!” when they find out what commercial deodorant actually has in it. There is so much information out there about all sorts of health issues, what kind of deodorant we use or what is in it, isn’t always at the top of lists when it comes to making healthy decisions. We know that everyone does the best with what they know. It is also often said that we don’t know what we don’t know. That’s where Evelyn Kay Club comes in.

When our founder, Jessica Benningfield, realized how many toxic substances are in commercial deodorant, she decided to dedicate her time to learning about the effects of these toxic ingredients such as parabens, propylene glycol, aluminum and talc. As she sorted through mountains of information, she began to realize the need for an all natural deodorant that works. Evelyn Kay was born out of that desire. Most importantly, the desire to help others learn WHY it is important to use a deodorant that doesn’t contain these toxic chemicals was born. It is Jess’s and all at Evelyn Kay’s greatest hope to educate and empower those who use the deodorant.

We do this by sharing links, posts and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We post informative and educating blogs on our website to make the information quick and easy to read and share. We have a gifting program so that you can share Evelyn Kay with those you love so they, too, can be educated and empowered. We hope you are learning along with us so that together, we all do better and make better choices for ourselves and those we love.

Share the information with those you love. Share the love in general and come join the club!

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