How You Make Your Underarms Happy

//How You Make Your Underarms Happy

How You Make Your Underarms Happy

The majority of us haven’t used an all natural deodorant all of our lives. We have used the commercial deodorants and antiperspirants that are full of substances that aren’t good for us. Toxic chemicals and substances such as aluminum, parabens, phthalates and talc are just a few. Using these products and applying these substances to our armpits day after day and year after year can lead to toxic build up under our arms.

When we use antiperspirants, we don’t sweat. When we don’t sweat, the toxic chemicals and substances can’t get out. Our poor armpits can’t breathe.

After years of use of commercial deodorants, many of us decide to make a better choice for our health and well being. We begin to use Evelyn Kay, an all natural deodorant that has no toxic chemicals. Upon making the healthy switch, we may notice a few changes happening.

The build up of these toxic chemicals in our lymph nodes and tissue begins to reverse itself. We may sweat a little bit and as that happens, the toxic chemicals inside out body start to come out in the sweat (see our blog “Top Reasons Why Sweating is Good For You”). We may even notice red bumps when we first start using all natural deodorants, as this is a sign the nasty substances are leaving our body. Our lymph nodes and pores can breathe again. Our natural bacteria begins to come back and reestablish itself; think of all of this as your body’s way of thanking you for applying a natural product that allows it to function the way it should.

The detox that happens when switching over is a natural happening and is good for our bodies. The nasty substances are flushed out and out tissues can breathe. We have happy lymph nodes and tissue free from these toxic substances.

Make the choice and make the change to have happy armpits.

Come join the club.

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