Consider a New Comfort Zone!

//Consider a New Comfort Zone!

Consider a New Comfort Zone!

Comfort Zones.  We all have them.  We get used to aspects of our lives being a certain way, people behaving a certain way and even the products we use, working a certain way.  We like the comfort of “knowing”.  But what if new information or a new product was presented to us that changed what we “know” to be true, would we consider finding a new comfort zone?  We hope that answer is yes, especially when it comes to the deodorant you are applying to your body.


Many people say they want to switch from their well known deodorant but they have tried other ones that don’t work and they still stink.  This causes them to stay in the product comfort zone and use what they have always used.  Guess what?! EKC actually works!  Founder and CEO Jessica Benningfield developed EKC in part because she didn’t want to stink when using an all natural deodorant.  The tropical scent is even enjoyed by women and men alike.


Lots of people also are uncomfortable with sweating.  They like the comfort zone of dry and not stinky.  Antiperspirants give the hope that if we don’t sweat, we won’t stink.  DId you know that sweating is good for you?  In one of our earliest blogs, we talk about the reasons why sweating is good for you.  More than that, aluminum is the active ingredient in commercial antiperspirants that stops us from sweating and has been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.  


One area where people are really starting to challenge their comfort zones is the area of health and wellness.  We seek to limit our exposure to toxic substances and chemicals.  These can be found in our food, what we breath and what we put on our skin.  We don’t always know where to start as the choices can be overwhelming at times.  At EKC, we think it is important to consider that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds.  By simply changing your deodorant and what you are applying to your underarms every day, you can really limit your exposure to toxic substances such as aluminum, phthalates, parabens and propylene glycol:  I don’t know about you, but that gives me a lot of comfort.  


At Evelyn Kay, we believe when you know better you do better.  We also believe this will want you to break out of your comfort zone and try an all natural, organic deodorant that actually works.  Consider a new comfort zone today and come join the club!


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