Circle The Wagons and Set The Example

//Circle The Wagons and Set The Example

Circle The Wagons and Set The Example

It’s time. It is time we circle the wagons around the young girls and women in our lives. For too long, deodorants have been used with no thought as to what is really being applied to our skin. Commercial deodorants being used once, twice daily or more: deodorants that are full of toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals have been linked to hormonal cancers, reproductive cancers, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Our girls and the women in our lives, apply these deodorants once, twice, sometimes more per day! What risks do repeated applications of these toxic deodorants do? Why do we take these risks with ourselves and our girls?

50 percent of girls age 9 use deodorant….that is HALF of all nine year old girls applying deodorant. With an average female life span of 78.74 years, that’s 69, almost 70 years of deodorant use. Used once daily, that is 28,740 applications, Using a commercial deodorant, that is almost 29,000 applications of toxic chemicals that have been linked to reproductive and hormonal cancers, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Only 26 seconds after an application, these chemicals enter our blood streams and tissues. We ask, WHY? Why are we risking our daughters’, sisters’ and each other’s health….from age 9??

We are the example these young girls and women look to for health and beauty product use and advice. When we take the time to educate ourselves about the products we use, we empower ourselves and those around us to make better decisions; better decisions for long term health and wellness. When we circle the wagons and protect our own, and when the young girls and women in our lives see us making better choices and demanding better, they follow that example.

Founder of Evelyn Kay, Jessica Benningfield circled the wagons around her young girls and decided to demand better. She didn’t want to risk their health. Jessica also decided that she needed to not only demand better for herself and her girls, but for others as well. We ask “why Risk It?”. We ask you to circle the wagons with us to protect our girls. We ask you to set the example for health and wellness. We ask you to join us.

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