Stay Connected and Spread The Word!

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Staying connected and keeping up to date with all things Evelyn Kay Club is really simple!  We can be found on social media and of course there is our website: all have great information and are easily shared with friends and family.     You can connect with us via:   Facebook:  www.facebook.com/evelynkayclub   Instagram: [...]

Gifts You Can Feel Good About Giving

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Forget Black Friday; even Cyber Monday. Here at Evelyn Kay we have something special for you everyday!! We always have FREE Shipping on our 3 packs! Send it to a friend or send it to yourself!! We also have free gift wrapping on all our three packs and gift packs. We will gift wrap them [...]

Time, Turkeys and Giving Thanks

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“What I love about Thanksgiving is that it is purely about getting together with friends or family and enjoying food. It really is for everyone and it doesn’t matter where you’re from.”  Daniel Humm   We wanted to take this space this week to celebrate this time of year with you and your loved ones. [...]

Consider a New Comfort Zone!

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Comfort Zones.  We all have them.  We get used to aspects of our lives being a certain way, people behaving a certain way and even the products we use, working a certain way.  We like the comfort of “knowing”.  But what if new information or a new product was presented to us that changed what [...]

Our Top 4 Ways to Show Yourself a Little Love!

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Love Yourself.  Two words we hear a lot in the health and wellness arena.  Other ways to say it are “Treat Yourself” and “Take Time For You”.  We say embrace all of them.  But how do we embrace these ideas; especially when we are pulled in so many directions between family, children, careers and much [...]

This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain on Aluminum.

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If you read our blogs, you know that we talk a lot about Aluminum and its toxic effects on our bodies as a whole.  But what happens to our brains with long term exposure to aluminum?  Let’s find out.   Our brain is the master controller of our body. It coordinates every cell, every system [...]