Asking Different Questions

//Asking Different Questions

Asking Different Questions

I’ve learned a lot from Jessica Benningfield over the past year about toxic chemicals in our commercial deodorants. I’ve learned a lot researching and reading for these blogs I have written and I have become passionate about educating women, young and old alike, about the dangers of the toxic chemicals we apply to our underarms everyday. In these blogs, we have asked “Why Risk Your Health” and Asked Why chemicals banned in Europe are safe here in the US. We have listed the reasons to avoid toxic chemicals like aluminum, parabens and phthalates. Lots and lots of information, which has led to lots of questions.

This past weekend, I was thinking about these things and I wondered why. WHY are certain chemicals not a worry BEFORE starting chemotherapy or radiation treatment? Why are toxic substances such as aluminum ok before but “suddenly” become harmful when a patient undergoes treatment? Weren’t they toxic before treatment started?

We know from the “Circle The Wagons and Set The Example” blog post that it takes 26 seconds for what we apply to our skin to be absorbed into the body and blood stream. We know that half of girls aged 9 are using deodorant daily: this means that a girl could apply deodorant and toxic chemicals close to 29,000 times over her life. Think about that, chemicals that have been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hormonal Cancers and breast cancer. Cancers that many women undergo chemo and radiation therapy for and who are then told NOT to use these deodorants because the ingredients are harmful at that stage. WHAT?! How were these chemicals not harmful before the diagnosis? These questions bother me: they bother me because I have not seen an explanation or answer those questions. We may never get a straight answer to them either.

Here is what I do know: a simple HOW. How to start to turn the tide and not subject ourselves to these toxic chemicals and substances. That simple HOW is to use a non toxic, organic, non GMO deodorant. Evelyn Kay has one: one that really WORKS and you don’t stink! You can join our club, buy a three pack or send a gift pack. A simple step and choice to change the questions and discussions in this area of health and beauty.

Come Join Us.

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