A New Year’s Resolution You Can Stick to

//A New Year’s Resolution You Can Stick to

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Stick to

The time is upon us where many of us will set goals and make resolutions for ourselves for the upcoming year. Many of these goals will be to better our health. Exercise more, eat better and use body friendly products that promote health. Evelyn Kay is here to help make the that last one an easy resolution to stick to! It will also help you because you won’t stink when you exercise because EKC is an all natural deodorant that actually works!

We know that applying standard, commercial deodorant to our underarms daily can have toxic and nasty effects. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hormonal cancers and allergic reactions have all been linked to toxic substances found in commercial deodorants. No wonder our health can be affected when it only takes 26 seconds for what we apply to our skin to be absorbed into our bloodstream!

Evelyn Kay has NO toxic chemicals or substances. It is all natural, organic and no GMO’s. You don’t have to think about what you are applying to your skin under your arms everyday. Plus, we make it easy to keep your supply stocked up.

Evelyn Kay is delivered straight to your door. You can have it delivered every four, six or eight weeks. You can buy a three pack. You can even gift it to someone you love who has the same goals and resolutions. Easy Peasy.

We would love to help you and be a part of the new, healthier version of you!

Come join the club!

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